30 Inspiring NBA YoungBoy Quotes About Love & Sadness

NBA YoungBoy Quotes

NBA YoungBoy Bio-Wiki

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, known as NBA YoungBoy, is an American rapper, artist, and lyricist. NBA YoungBoy Quotes about Love & Lyrics are mentioned below. YoungBoy was marked to Atlantic Records and delivered two mixtapes before delivering his most noteworthy diagramming solo single, ‘Outside Today’ in January 2018

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NBA YoungBoy Quotes
NBA YoungBoy Quotes

Starting in 2024, YoungBoy has been on YouTube’s Top Music Specialists list in the US for the past 101 weeks, making him the most-watched performer overall classifications.

Here’s our assortment of the most persuasive NBA YoungBoy Quotes:

30 Inspiring NBA YoungBoy Quotes & Lyrics

  1. “Gotta keep my head above water, gotta make it through.” – NBA YoungBoy
  2. “I don’t really talk that much. I just watch and observe.” – NBA YoungBoy
  3. “You probably can overcome what you’re going through from listening to my music.” – NBA YoungBoy
  4. “I just wanna wrap you up and hold you in my arms for the night. You have been gone for so long, let’s celebrate that we unite.” – NBA YoungBoy
  5. “I was falling in love with you, I ain’t take you as no dub. You something else, you don’t know what to do with yourself.” – NBA YoungBoy
  6. “The only thing that scares me is dying.” – NBA YoungBoy
  7. “Everybody depends on me. I can’t f*ck up. I am not the only person that I’m hurting. If I was given a billion dollars to do life in jail, I’d do it and give that sh*t to my fam.” – NBA YoungBoy
  8. “I come from a rare place. It’s a different culture, different atmosphere, police crooked. Different emojis, and when I say emojis I mean personalities.” – NBA YoungBoy
  9. “I just know what I go through, and I know how to speak on it in an interesting way.” – NBA YoungBoy
  10. “I think music made me who I am. Music taught me what was gutter and what wasn’t. Music taught me how to live.” – NBA YoungBoy

10th of 30 NBA YoungBoy Quotes

  1. “Success makes these niggas mad I know how it is.” – NBA YoungBoy
  2. “Won’t show no sympathy cause it’s a dirty game. I know they don’t feel my pain. Can’t let ’em end my name.” – NBA YoungBoy
  3. “Baby you so hot, all these diamonds cool you down.” – NBA YoungBoy
  4. “I can make you fall in love with all these diamonds.” – NBA YoungBoy
  5. “I just keep recording. You never know what you’ll come up with.” – NBA YoungBoy
  6. “I pay for therapy because my thoughts ahead of me.” – NBA YoungBoy
  7. “Look what I accomplished; I know you see me shining. I know you in the sky you looking down here watching.” – NBA YoungBoy
  8. “Without loyalty, you won’t accomplish anything.” – NBA YoungBoy
  9. “At night I need someone on side me just to hold me …I’m tired of thuggin’, now I’m tryna see where the love at.” –  NBA YoungBoy
  10. “I always try to make my next song better than the last.” – NBA YoungBoy

21th of 30 NBA YoungBoy Quotes

  1. “I got a lot of money, but when you wealthy, that means that your children are ballin’, your grandchildren are ballin’.” – NBA YoungBoy
  2. “I know we got one thing in common: we both want the dough.” – NBA YoungBoy
  3. “I’m just trying to be myself – make music how I make music.” – NBA YoungBoy
  4. “When my grandma left couldn’t do anything but cry. Got on my knees send my prayers to the sky. I asked em why I swear so many times.”, – NBA YoungBoy
  5. “I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody.” – NBA YoungBoy
  6. “Ain’t no pretending, we live like this no acting.” – NBA YoungBoy
  7. “I don’t really trust nobody.” – NBA YoungBoy
  8. “I know I’m young but I feel like it’s nothing I can’t handle.” – NBA YoungBoy 
  9. “Time is money I ain’t wasting time. I’m feelin’ like Kobe I’m in my prime.” – NBA YoungBoy
  10. I wrote my first song in the first or second grade.” – NBA YoungBoy 
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