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Alice Eve Bio

Alice Eve the daughter of famous actors, Alice Eve, many children of established actors follow in their parents’ footsteps and are expected to overtake their careers. With credit to films like Star Trek into Darkness and Man in Black 3, Alice Eve’s overall worth has grown to the point that she considers her a successful actress. Alice Eve Net Worth is $6 million.


Alice Eve Net Worth
Alice Eve Net Worth

Although she will not be considered a leading actress, she has made a successful career as a supporting actress who has produced an extensive list of films that have performed very well at the box office. Let’s look at its net worth since its role in its replicas. Also, Alice Eve Age is 38 years old.

Alice Eve Career

Alice Eve has a combined value of $6 million, appearing in over 44 movies and TV shows. Her career began in 2004 at the age of 22 when she appeared in the role of Martha Guthrie in the movie Hawking. That same year, she played a role as Miss Fran in the stage beauty. It was her first acting role. After impressing in her first year, Alice started TV at Rotters’ Club, as well as another appearance at Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Alice Eve Net Worth is $6 million.

Alice Eve Net Worth
Alice Eve Net Worth

Although her career began to get some screen on the screen, Alice continued to appear in various stage plays on TV, among other roles, including a starter for 10, Big Nothing, Crossing Over and The Show, like Losing Gemma was included in the tasks. In 2010, she starred in the lead role in the romantic comedy film, She Comes Out My League. Not only did Alice play an introductory role for the mainstream American audience, but her parents, Trevor Eve and Sharon Mogan, also appeared as parents in the role.

Alice Eve Success Story

That Out of My League, which had a budget of $20 million, made $49.7 million at the global box office, 60% of which came from the United States. It is one of her most commercially successful films to date. That same year, she appeared in a minor role in the famous film, Sex and the City 2, and was also followed in a recurring role in the romantic comedy, The Deco Bride and the show, Anchorage. Alice Eve Net Worth is $6 million.

In the early years of Alice Eve’s career, she appeared in romantic dramas, and they all performed well in a commercial manner, which increased her salary and income. However, she was under pressure in sci-fi production, which ultimately cost Alice her modest earnings. From appearing in commercially successful films like Star Trek Anto Darkness to becoming their highest-grossing film to date, Man In Black 3 and Black Mirror, the wealth of the actress has increased significantly. Alice Eve Net Worth is $ 6 million.

Alice Eve Net Worth
Alice Eve Net Worth

Most of her characters don’t know their salaries, but her films have made more than $990 million at the global box office when she appeared in supporting roles. Alice Eve Net Worth is $ 6 million. It didn’t get that much of a lead actress as it did at the box office with just over $50 million. In addition, a career as a screen bank capable star has provided Alice Eve a personal wealth of net $6 million.

Personal Information & Alice Eve Net Worth

Birth Name:             Alice Eve
Date of Birth:           February 6, 1982
Nationality:     American
Birth-Sign:              Aquarius
Profession:       TV Actress
Marital Status:   Married
Hair Colour:    Blond
Eye Colour:   Left eye blue, right eye green
Ethnicity:               British
Weight:         56 kg
Alice Eve Height: 1.66 m
Alice Eve Net Worth: $6 Million
Alice Eve Husband: Alex Cowper-Smith

Alice Eve Net Worth

Alice Eve with A-list American actor, Keanu Reeves, appeared Replicas in the 2018 sci-fi film. The film was badly criticized by both viewers and critics, who performed poorly at the box office. The film had a $30 million budget with Alice and Keanu, which the leading stars failed to break even at the box office. The licenses were $9 million worldwide, with a domestic gross of $4 million. Simply put, it was a failure.  Alice Eve Net Worth is $6 million.

Although the failed films hurt the careers of her stars, resulting in a loss of their overall worth, the two main actors, Alice and Keanu, continue to do well. While Keanu is set to reinvent himself as a superstar with the release of films like John Wick 3, Alice has secured her role both in film and on TV, which is expected to be her overall The value will be further improved. She will appear in films such as Bombay, Warning, and Fraud Road. It is also expected to be exhibited in Belgravia and its total value will probably exceed $6 million by then, which remains as its total value. Alice Eve Net Worth is $ 6 million.

Fun Facts About Alice Eve

She has heterochromia, a condition that causes her eyes to swell with different colors. Her right eye is green and blue is her left eye. Alice Eve, though born in England, is an American citizen. She became a naturalized American in November 2017. She is once married to Alex Cowper-Smith, a finance executive who she ducts in high school. Their marriage lasted three years between 2014 and 2017. Alice Eve’s Net Worth is $6 million.

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