Day: June 28, 2023

The role of access platforms in numerous industries is an indispensable one. These platforms, also referred to as aerial work platforms, cherry pickers, or scissor lifts, facilitate a wide variety of tasks from construction and maintenance to events management and filmmaking.

The decision to rent or buy these critical tools warrants a deep dive, particularly considering the significant financial implications. This blog post explores the reasons why renting access platforms can often be a smarter choice than buying them outright, delving into benefits such as cost-effectiveness, flexibility, access to newer equipment, and more.



Purchasing an access platform is a significant investment, requiring a large upfront cost that may strain budgets. Additionally, the total cost of ownership extends far beyond the initial purchase price, encompassing ongoing maintenance, repair costs, and storage expenses. This is where renting access platforms shines as a financially savvy alternative. Renting eliminates the heavy upfront costs, transforming a large capital expenditure into a manageable operational expense that can be budgeted accordingly.

Moreover, when we talk about long-term costs, renting still maintains its economical appeal. Consider the depreciation of a purchased platform, storage costs, and inevitable repairs over time – these can add up significantly. Conversely, with rentals, you only pay for the time you use the equipment, freeing up capital for other crucial business investments.

Flexibility and Scalability

Project requirements in industries using access platforms can be ever-changing. Herein lies another advantage of renting: flexibility. Renting allows businesses to adapt swiftly to changing project demands, be it different heights, load capacities, or terrain conditions. If a project unexpectedly requires a different type of platform, a rental company can typically accommodate this swiftly.

Renting also offers scalability benefits. Whether you need to scale up with additional platforms for a large project, or scale down during quieter periods, rental agreements provide the elasticity to match your exact requirements. This flexibility is particularly valuable in an unpredictable business climate, as it supports optimal resource allocation.

Access to Newer and Specialized Equipment

Access to Newer and Specialized Equipment

Renting provides access to a diverse range of the latest and most specialized equipment. Rental companies have a vested interest in maintaining a modern, comprehensive fleet, often replacing and upgrading equipment to stay competitive. This means renters can utilize state-of-the-art platforms equipped with the latest safety and efficiency features, without the need for costly upgrades or replacements.

This continual access to cutting-edge technology and specialized equipment can give businesses a significant advantage. The fun part is that you can always learn more if you show interest in all the recent developments. With the right platform, tasks can be executed more efficiently, more safely, and to a higher standard – all contributing to overall project success.

Reduced Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities

Ownership of an access platform carries the weight of maintenance and repair responsibilities. Regular servicing, safety inspections, and unplanned repairs require time, money, and expertise. However, by renting, these burdens are lifted, as rental companies typically take care of all maintenance and servicing.

This outsourcing of maintenance leads to significant time and cost savings, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations. It also reduces the risk of unexpected equipment breakdowns or failures, as the rental company ensures that the equipment is in optimal working condition.

Wide Variety of Options

Wide Variety of Options of Renting Access Platforms

One of the standout advantages of renting access platforms is the sheer variety of options available. Rental companies offer a broad range of types, sizes, and configurations to suit a plethora of needs. Whether you need a boom lift for exterior building maintenance, a scissor lift for warehouse operations, or a specialized platform for uneven terrain, the chances are a rental company can accommodate.

This diversity of options enables businesses to select the ideal platform for each task or project, contributing to improved efficiency, safety, and ultimately, success.

Availability and Quick Access

When a business decides to purchase an access platform, there is often a waiting period between purchase and delivery. This is not the case with rentals, which offer immediate availability and quick access.

Rental companies typically have extensive fleets of ready-to-use equipment. This means that as soon as a need arises, a suitable platform can be sourced without delay. This can be a game-changer in time-sensitive industries or emergency situations, making the difference between meeting and missing deadlines.

Reduced Storage Requirements

Reduced Storage Requirements

Storing large equipment such as access platforms can be a significant challenge. It requires ample space, secure facilities, and incurs costs. By renting, these storage needs are essentially eliminated.

After using a rented access platform, it is returned to the rental company, freeing up space and eliminating storage costs. This is particularly advantageous for businesses with limited space or those operating in multiple locations.

Testing and Trial Periods

Another unique advantage of renting is the opportunity for testing and trial periods. If a business is considering purchasing an access platform, renting first allows for real-world evaluation of different models and types.

Renting provides an opportunity to assess a platform’s performance, suitability for specific tasks, and user-friendliness, among other things. This hands-on experience can inform future purchasing decisions and ensure the chosen platform is the best fit for the business’s needs.

Expert Technical Support

Expert Technical Support

Rental companies usually offer expert technical support, providing professional guidance and assistance as part of their service. This can be invaluable in enhancing productivity and maintaining safety during operations.

Whether it’s advice on selecting the right platform, troubleshooting during use, or providing operator training, the technical support offered by rental companies can greatly contribute to the smooth running of your operations.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Renting access platforms can simplify administrative tasks. Rental agreements tend to streamline paperwork, handling everything from service records to safety documentation. In contrast, equipment ownership often entails a significant administrative burden, tracking service schedules, repairs, inspections, and more.

Furthermore, the convenience of rental billing and reporting – typically a single, regular payment – can simplify budgeting and financial management compared to tracking the various costs associated with equipment ownership.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Option

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Option

Finally, renting access platforms can be an environmentally-friendly choice. Equipment sharing reduces the demand for manufacturing new platforms, saving resources and reducing waste.

By choosing to rent, businesses can contribute to sustainability goals. This can be an important consideration for businesses striving to reduce their environmental impact, fulfill corporate social responsibility commitments, and meet increasing client demands for sustainable practices.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap up, the decision to rent or buy an access platform hinges on a multitude of factors including financial, operational, and even environmental considerations. While buying may be the right choice for some, the myriad benefits of renting – from cost-effectiveness and flexibility to access to the latest equipment – make it an attractive proposition for many businesses. As always, careful consideration of your unique circumstances and needs is crucial in making the most informed decision.

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