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Robie Uniackes Bio-Wiki

Robie Uniacke is a British businessman and mathematician who has long been known as Rosamund Pike, an English actress of ‘Gone Girl’ fame. Rosamund Pike has repeatedly helped Ruby Uniacke’s Wonderful Mind’ focus on her career and help shape the way she reaches her characters. The actress praised him for his “wit, intelligence, and instability” and also gave her the courage to make it bold.


Robie Uniacke Emma Howard
Robie Uniacke Emma Howard

According to a Daily Mail UK report, Robie Uniacke, a businessman, was in charge of more than three companies in 2008. Later, in 2010, he founded an IT Consultancy Company, Peel Fire Limited. However, the company was called bankrupt and was later dissolved in 2016.

Rise to Stardom

While much of the details about his early credentials as a Robie Uniacke businessman or early career as a ‘math researcher’ may not be known, Robie Uniacke has had many broken relationships, such as his future. Robie Uniacke was spotted after Pike’s companion, Pike. Moreover, Robie Uniacke started dating the actress in 2009. Make your past by becoming addicted to your two failed marriages, everything has surfaced on the international media. Nevertheless, he manages to keep a low profile with the actress and her children, except for occasional outings.

Personal Life Robie Uniacke

Rabbi Uniacke was born in 1961 in the UK. He was educated at Eton College in Windsor, England. Also, he had been interested in mathematics since childhood. He is also very fluent in Mandarin.

Married Life

Robie Uniacke was first married to Emma Howard, 30, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle, whom he married in 1983 at the age of 22. They have a son named Rabbi Jonjo Uniacke. However, it was an unhappy marriage that did not last more than a few years and had to be resettled because of serious heroin addiction. He then married interior designer Rose Bates Stone, with whom he welcomed three children: Hector, Olive, and Florence Jonak. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long. Their daughter Olive is a close friend of ‘Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. According to some sources, Robie began meeting actress Russian Sea Pike in late 2009. Earlier, he had been in a couple of bad luck.

Robie Uniacke Net Worth
Robie Uniacke Net Worth

One with the film director, Wright, who ended up allegedly on ‘premarital postcards’, and the other with Simon Woods, who had been in a relationship for two years as a lesbian. However, this time she was attracted to an older man outside the entertainment industry because, in her own words, she was “the most interesting person I have ever encountered.” Also, he is reportedly “sincere and ruthless” about his characters and often helps maintain the tendency to be “more than the ideas on this page.” The couple has been together for almost a decade now and has welcomed two sons together: Solo Yunyak, born on May 6, 2012, and Atom Yunyak born on December 2, 2014.

However, the couple is in no hurry to get married. As Pike told ‘Vogue’ after the birth of his first child, it is interesting to break the rules by not having a child. Interestingly, the twice-married rabbi has also been seen wearing t-shirts with references to “married homosexuals”.

Controversies & Scandals

Just as Rosamund was successful in Pike’s new film ‘Antib’ Theaters in May 2018, Ruby Uniacke was embroiled in financial affairs because ‘Daily Mail UK’ reported that the company had confessed to several crimes during the investigation. Similarly, she was disqualified as Director of. Furthermore, the collapse of his company, Peel Fire Ltd, was also reported to have failed to pay HMRC a total of $9179,602.

According to the liquidator’s report, his dissolved company account increased by 3 133,000. Furthermore, it also states that it did not have any more income or assets than that, but more than that… the account… by a third party… offered a full and final settlement of $25,000. While the liquidator accepted his offer as part of the disqualification process, Robie Uniacke was then obliged to sign an ‘unlawful conduct schedule’ that failed to confirm. It was reported that its company complies with ‘legal obligations and is engaged in the ‘losers’ trade because of HMRC on VAT and corporation tax.

Robie Uniacke Wiki
Robie Uniacke Wiki

Robie Uniacke is known as a sinophile who talks to his children almost exclusively in Chinese. In addition, according to Pike, even at four o’clock, solo can be translated into Chinese for him during Beijing visits. Also, Interestingly, Robie Uniacke admitted to not paying HMRC since July 2012, despite receiving £ 260.508 in his account over the next two years. In addition, according to his statement, he used $144,060 of that amount for personal use, $10,514 on mobile phones, and $25,154 on other payments and bank charges.

Personal Information:

Birth Name: Robie Uniacke
Mother Name:  Jennifer sally Cunningham
Father Name:  Robie David Corbett Uniacke
Date of Birth:    1961
Nationality:  British
Birth-Place:   England
Profession:   Businessman
Marital Status: Married
Hair Colour:  Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: White
Weight:   65 kg
Robie Uniacke Height: 175 cm
Children: 6
Net Worth: $4 Million
Ex-Wife: Emma Howard
Finally Siblings: Neffeteria Pugh, Sean Cole
Net Worth 2024 $4 million

Robie Uniacke Net worth

As a math researcher and businessman of about four companies, Robie Uniacke lives in Islington with her partner Rosemary. According to the Daily Mail, the house is valued at £2.3 million that it shares with Atom and Solo. Also, when Ruby was questioned about his defunct Plyfire IT Consultancy Company, he admitted that £ 144,060 went to his bank account and spent $10,500 on a mobile phone. Similarly, Ruby certainly does more like a math researcher, his estimated worth is about $1 million, and he shares $9 million with her wife, Pike daily.

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