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Miami-born fitness instructor Chris Heria is highly recognized all over the world as an intuitive and influential guy. Heria is the founder and chief executive of his own fitness training center named “THENX” where he helps his clients to stay active and healthy. Additionally, he has established many fitness academies including the Calisthenics Academy, the Calisthenics Evolution Institute, Weightvest, Heria Shop, Heria Pro fitness app., and The Miami Trainer. Moreover, he is an ambassador of BarStarzz.

He participates in bar-athlete matches throughout the country as a professional bar athlete and certified personal trainer. Through his different workshops, seminars, and YouTube videos, he inspires people to be healthy and fit. Additionally, he enjoys a huge fan following on social media. Currently, he has 199k followers on Facebook. While on Instagram, the figure has reached 1.5 million.

Early Life


Chris took birth in Miami, Florida on December 21, 1991. He owns American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. His early upbringing was carried out by his parents in his hometown along with his brother Stefan Heria. His father is Cuban and his mother is Chinese, so he came from a mixed-race family. There is no information revealed about his early schooling. However, in 2008, he got his graduation degree from a Roman Catholic high school named “St. Brenden High School”, in Miami, Florida.

Chris has always been interested in fitness since his childhood and always wanted to be a fitness trainer. To pursue his dream, he took part in a variety of fitness competitions and remained associated with many fitness enthusiasts. He was a fast learner and proved himself as a fitness instructor in his early 20s.

Career and Achievements


In 2012, he started his career as an athlete when he participated in the World Athletic Championship representing the USA. For the first time at the international level, this competition served to promote his love of calisthenics. In the same year, after winning the world cup in Germany for best athlete, Chris was also recognized and certified as a professional calisthenic.

Chris administers both physical and online training facilities. To instruct individuals who are unable to visit gyms for daily routine exercise and calisthenics sessions, he built an online website. Since building abs is not an easy task, Chris primarily instructs and motivates young trainees.

Chris Heria has established fitness training centers all around the world. Chris is also an entrepreneur because he recently launched his own web company where he engages in online merchandising. He ran an online store selling his own-designed joggers, hoodies, shirts, weight vests, and tracksuits for athletes. He has named his brand “Heria” after his last name.

Social Profiles


On February 4, 2013, he created his first Youtube channel, “THENX” with 570,456,906 views on all his videos and 7.42M subscribers. On this channel, he conducts training sessions for viewers. After this, on August 30, 2013, he launched another YouTube channel, “Chris Heria,” on which he features videos on fitness training. Currently, this channel has 4.09 M subscribers while 296,746,879 people have watched all of his videos providing details about his personal life and daily workouts.

He has become recognized on YouTube as the “King of Calisthenics Workout.” On Instagram with username @chrisheria with 1.5M followers and his Facebook page has 199K. On these platforms, he shares information about strength exercises as well as his daily calisthenics practices.

Height and Weight


Being a fitness expert, Chris Heria has well maintained his body weighing 75 kg. He is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. His US shoe size is 7, and he has black hair and attractive black eyes. He has a lot of tattoos imprinted all over his body.

A tattoo of a woman wearing jewelry is imprinted on his left hand. On his right hand, he had a tattoo of Albert Einstein, and below it, is a sea monster. He inked big flowers on his neck and the name of a serial killer “Albert Fish” on his left forearm.

Net Worth

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Chris Heria is $8.2 million. His website, online shops, Youtube channels, and training centers all over the world brought him a significant amount of money. He is one of the richest calisthenics all over the world. By looking at him, we can infer that he leads a healthy lifestyle
His slogan is “good health, good life,” and he is clearly living a very fit and luxurious life. Both Chris Heria’s home and car collection are extremely lavish. Above all, he owns a BMW 6 series, worth $800,000. He made a tour of his home on one of his YouTube channels. The home is valued at approximately $4 million.

Age and Birthday

Chris was born on December 21, 1991, in Miami, Florida. Many people believe that he is Korean by face but he is an American citizen. As of 2024, he is 30 years old.



Where does Chris Heria live?

A magnificent and luxurious apartment is the residence of Chris, where he lives with his son. Some sources claim that the apartment cost around $5 million. In addition, he owns a large number of properties all around Florida.

How much Chris has achieved until now?

He was a popular athlete who made a contribution to fitness and was a representative for BarStarzz, One of the top fitness sectors in the globe. Moreover, he also established several other businesses, including Weight Vest, Heria Shop, Calisthenics Academy, and Heria Pro App.

What is the net worth of Chris?

As of 2024, Chris Heria has earned around $8.2 million through his gyms, business, and Youtube channels.

Final Thoughts


Chris Heria is one of the most renowned calisthenics competitors worldwide. He has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube.When you first see him, he’ll amaze you and motivate you to start practicing bodyweight exercises to keep your body in shape.

Through his training, he has changed the lives of several youngsters. Being physically healthy is a way of life, not work. Everyone needs to look after their health. to be successful in all aspects of your life. And you can learn this way of life clearly from Chris.

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