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Paul Cartledge

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ISBN 13: 978-1-58567-566-1
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Product Description

It is one of history s most acclaimed battles, one of civilization s greatest last stands. And in Thermopylae, renowned classical historian Paul Cartledge looks anew this history-altering moment and, most impressively, shows how its repercussions have bearing on us even today. The invasion of Europe by Xerxes and his army redefined culture, kingdom, and class. The valiant efforts of a few thousand Greek warriors, facing a huge onrushing Persian army at the narrow pass at Thermopylae, changed the way generations to come would think about combat, courage, and death.

The battle of Thermopylae was at its broadest a clash of civilizations; one that momentously helped shape the identity of classical Greece and hence the nature of our own cultural heritage.

About the Author

Paul Cartledge, professor of Greek history at the University of Cambridge, is the author of The Spartans, Alexander the Great, and The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization.

Cartledge stands out with his ability to connect our world with this ancient society [He] displays a marvelous ability to make the reader care. USA Today

Cartledge s narrative neatly sifts ancient accounts of Thermopylae itself, a morale-raising, time-burying defeat for the Greeks The real passion of Thermopylae lies in the author s sudden discovery that his subject is exciting to other people again.
The Wall Street Journal

Cartledge s account not only tells the story of the famous battle but also covers the whole campaign, its prelude, and its consequences Cartledge s brisk skill lies in combining scholarship with provocation Ancient history as a bloody comedy and a series of close-run things has no locus more classicus than Greece s Persian wars, and no livelier commentator than Cartledge.
The Times (UK)

Our leading historian of Sparta, Cartledge is second to none in the ability to subject myth to the cold light of scholarship A witty and erudite tour of Thermopylae.
-The New Criterion

Cartledge is a fine writer and, in his fondness for dishy one-liners, shows that there's a bit of the Spartan in him.
New York Sun

As this beautifully written and stirring saga asserts, the history of Western civilization would almost certainly have been fundamentally different had the Persians prevailed. When describing the actual military conflict, Cartledge s account has a special urgency and poignancy. An outstanding retelling of one of the seminal events in world history.

A masterful account of the causes, preparations for and consequences of the three-day battle in 480 b.c. that claimed the lives of all 300 Spartan defenders of the eponymous pass and those of perhaps as many as 20,000 Persian invaders A class in Western Civilization that both instructs and entertains.

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