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Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

Irene S. Levine, Ph.D.

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ISBN 13: 978-1-59020-040-7
Trim Size: 5 3/8 x 8

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Customer Reviews

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  1. An honest guide to female friendships Review by Katy

    Best Friends Forever is a comprehensive and honest guide to the ups and downs of female friendships. It ignores nothing and acknowledges the significance that women give to friendships as well as the pain and confusion that results when friends break up or drift apart. This recognition of the complexity and importance of female friendship is refreshing, especially when women are used to a variety of books about romantic relationships and too few that address friendships head on. Novels, films, and television, however, are full of stories of female friendships, and Levine uses these to address women's expectations and idealizations of friendships, as well as to point to truths that are essential to any woman's understanding of friendship.

    The book also uses material gathered from a survey of 1500 women who were eager to tell their own stories about successful, failed, or rekindled friendships. As a result, Levine is able to fill her book with stories and advice that all women can understand. I found myself recognizing aspects of my own friendships in these accounts, and Levine's analysis urged me to reflect on my ways of thinking about and dealing with friends of all shapes and sizes. Best Friends Forever is a well-written, thoughtful, and dynamic guide to having, keeping, and losing best friends. (Posted on 9/16/09)

  2. A sincere look at women and the friendships they create Review by Mary

    Best Friends Forever is an interesting and sincere look at friendships between women, leaving one with a hopeful and reassuring feeling that there are people out there with the same doubts and concerns. Irene Levine does a great job of dissecting and explaining the different stages and levels of female friendships, reminding the reader that it is only normal for one to lose and gain friends regularly throughout one’s life. Every woman can relate to the feeling of rejection and despair which comes with the ending of a friendship, but Levine helps explain that these feelings are not only normal but necessary in growing and maturing through the course of ones life. Best Friends Forever made me feel like there is a connection between all women. (Posted on 9/14/09)

  3. Best Friends Forever is THE BEST! Review by Davi

    The theme of female friendships is very hot right now! I was so glad to see a nonfiction book on the subject that I decided to give it a read even though I'm not having problems with any of my female friends right now. This book really helped me be more aware of the importance of the lady-friends in my life. It's filled with advice and tips on how to deal with a falling out, but it also helps women appreciate the value of their relationships and be better friends in general. I loved reading the case studies and enjoyed all of the little stats and lists that are inserted throughout the book. The author is clearly brilliant, but she writes in a very accessible and comforting voice. I enjoyed this book so much that I added the author's blog - www.TheFriendshipBlog.com - to my favorites! (Posted on 9/14/09)

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