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Simple Act of Violence

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A Simple Act of Violence

R.J. Ellory

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ISBN 13: 9781590203187
Trim Size: 6 x 9

Product Description

Washington, embroiled in mid-term elections, did not want to hear the truth about an unsettling series of murders. But when the newspapers reported a fourth killing, when they gave the killer a name and details of his horrendous crimes, few people could ignore it.

Detective Robert Miller is assigned to the case and rapidly uncovers a complication. The victims do not officially exist. Their personal details do not register on any known systems. And as Miller unearths ever more disturbing facts, he starts to face truths about the corrupt world he lives in--truths so far removed from his own reality that he begins to fear for his life.

In the tradition of the masters of suspense, R.J. Ellory has written a shocking and tense narrative of politics and violence in the nerve center of America. As Detective Miller becomes more and more embroiled in the shifting realities of the case, the reader is irresistibly propelled through the intrigues and betrayals of Washington’s elite. This controversial and timely novel explores the notions of identity and hidden government dealings, and it is sure to stay with the reader long after the final page.

A Simple Act of Violence was named a Publisher's Weekly Book of the Year.

R.J. Ellory is the author of seven novels, all of which will be published by Overlook. His works have been translated into twenty-three languages.

Praise for A Simple Act of Violence "A police procedural thus shifts into a conspiracy thriller and historical exposé . . . There are powerful scenes and vivid images." --Wall Street Journal

"The backstory is ingeniously written as a first-person account of the relationship of the killer to his victims and relates how passions of the persons involved and their actions lead up to the present. The DC murder investigations, written in third person, provide a quick read and plenty of blood and gory scenes to satisfy the taste of the most bloodthirsty thriller fan. There is something for everyone in A Simple Act of Violence . . . This crime thriller will delight the palate of lovers of political intrigue in international venues, events that ring of historical truth, bringing the action closer to the realm of real life." --New York Journal of Books

"Impressive prose and pacing, coupled with a grim, unflinching view of reality that James Ellroy would recognize, make this a must-read for noir fans." --Publishers Weekly starred review

"A Simple Act of Violence is a masterful exercise in suspense that keeps unfolding and taking the reader to unexpected places. This one will keep you up late reading, and then you won't sleep." --John Lutz, New York Times bestselling author of Mister X and Urge to Kill

"Ellory is back with an amazing new novel. It’s not only a mystery with enough plot twists to keep the most jaded fan of the genre guessing, it’s also a high-speed car chase of a thriller . . . Ellory lures the reader into a Machiavellian tapestry of international proportions . . . Many writers who attempt to construct a novel with levels of geopolitical intrigue found here wind up producing a string of lame polemics or, even worse, a conspiracy-theory rant. It’s a tribute to Ellory’s mastery of his craft to note that he avoids these pitfalls completely. This is a superbly entertaining book and one that will endure in the reader’s thoughts long after the last page turns. After several fine novels, it’s high time Ellory takes his rightful place on crime fiction’s A-list." -- Booklist Starred Review

"At the outset of this superb crime thriller from Ellory (The Anniversary Man), Det. Robert Miller, a veteran Washington, D.C., cop who doesn't have much of a life outside his job, arrives at the house of Catherine Sheridan, an attractive woman who's been badly beaten and strangled. Around her neck is a ribbon attached to a luggage tag, the hallmark of the Ribbon Killer, who's claimed three other female victims in the same upscale neighborhood over the past eight months. Bizarrely, Sheridan's murderer ordered pizza delivered, thus insuring that the corpse would be found right away. Meanwhile, in creepy first-person asides, someone using the alias John Robey reveals he knows a great deal about the crimes. As the case unfolds, the motive behind the murders gradually comes into focus, connecting with much larger political issues. Impressive prose and pacing, coupled with a grim, unflinching view of reality that James Ellroy would recognize, make this a must-read for noir fans. 5-city author tour."-- Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"An awesome achievement - a thriller of such power, scope and accomplishment that fanfares should herald its arrival."-- Guardian

"So skilful is his use of dialogue and the Washington location, in a thriller that propels the reader along and offers shocks and suspense in equal measure, that one never doubts the authenticity of his American credentials... At 500 pages, this is a long, substantial novel. Yet had it been twice as long this reviewer would still have wanted more." --Waterstones Books Quarterly

"A very cunningly constructed serial killer thriller" --Bookseller Paperback Preview

"Grips with an iron fist until the bitter end" --Shortlist

"This is a book with everything that a fan of modern mystery fiction could hope for: a labyrinthine plot, unbearable tension, controversy and a social conscience."-- Crimesquad

"Ellory brings a new psychological and moral tension to the genre, mixing Washington politics with serial killings." --Saga

"Conspiracy buffs will have a field day." --Kirkus Reviews

"A real page turner - shocking and deeply moving by turn" --Ron Butlin Scotsman

"Readers will relish this deep look at murder and a dark moment in American history. The story line is fast-paced with [Detective] Miller providing a Noir feel to the investigation." --Midwest Book Review

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