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Camelot Conspiracy

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The Camelot Conspiracy

E. Duke Vincent

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ISBN 13: 9781590206393
Trim Size: 6 x 9

Product Description

It’s 1960, the height of the Cold War, but for Dante Amato of the Chicago Mob, life is anything but cold. Charismatic and movie-star handsome, Dante has settled comfortably into his role as The Outfit’s man in Hollywood and Vegas. Dante’s older brother, Aldo, a CIA agent, couldn’t be more disapproving of his brother’s life. Yet when Dante is ordered to meet with a beautiful Cuban go-between named Marissa del Valle, and then mob boss Sam Giancana summons him to Miami to discuss a U.S. Government commission to hit the Cuban dictator, Dante’s first call is to his brother.

Is it a set-up? Or a chance for the mob to restart the flow of gambling and drug money from Havana? And what about Bobby Kennedy’s war against The Mob? "Bobby Kennedy is a snake," says Jimmy Hoffa to Santo Trafficante.
"And how do you kill a snake? You cut off its head." As this spellbinding thriller by E. Duke Vincent unfolds, a gripping story emerges, masterfully connecting the dots between the Kennedys, Castro, The Mob, the CIA . . . and the Grassy Knoll.

E. Duke Vincent grew up in New York and New Jersey. An Emmy Award-winning TV writer and producer, he joined Aaron Spelling Productions in 1977. The Camelot Conspiracy is his fourth novel. He lives with his wife, actress Pamela Hensley, in Montecito, California.

Praise for The Camelot Conspiracy:

"Vincent, a television producer turned crime-fiction author, turns his attention to the events leading up to the assassination of JFK. Dante Amato, who works for organized crime elements in Chicago, has a pretty good life. His turf is Vegas and Hollywood, where he hobnobs with the elite and lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous. When his boss, Sam Giancana, involves him in a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, Dante isn’t sure what’s going on. Is this for real, or is it a sham? What does it have to do with the Kennedy family’s much-publicized crusade against organized crime? And how does it affect Dante? Vincent’s characters, a mixture of real and made-up people, play out their roles on a real-world stage, and as usual, Vincent does an excellent job of seamlessly blending fact and fiction. Not just for JFK-assassination devotees, the well-constructed story should please readers of historical fiction. An interesting companion piece, perhaps, to Don DeLillo’s more literary Libra (1988), which approaches the JFK assassination from the assassin’s point of view." -- Booklist

"An action novel from veteran TV writer and producer Vincent (Mafia Summer, 2005, etc.) about the Kennedy assassination.

With a cast of Mafia dons, politicians, the CIA, the FBI and a snake's nest of anti- and pro-Castro Cubans, the novel piles conspiracy atop conspiracy. It's 1959, and communist Castro has overthrown Batista. Eisenhower plans an invasion by anti-Castro elements. JFK gives the go-ahead but ruins the plan by seeking 'plausible deniability.' Next come plots, schemes and covert missions to assassinate Castro: by the Mafia, which wants its Havana casinos back; by anti-Castro elements who want their country back; and by the CIA, which wants a Soviet ally overthrown. Vincent relates the story in dozens of short, one-scene chapters covering everything from the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to the Cuban Missile Crisis. His knowledge of mobsters and bureaucrats, and the ugly underbelly of glitzy places like Las Vegas and Miami, lends an air of believability. The protagonist is Dante Amato, war hero turned mafioso with a CIA agent brother. Amato makes two forays into Cuba attempting to kill Castro, one accompanied by the beautiful Cuban refuge Marissa del Valle, a Bryn Mawr graduate willing to bed Fidel if the assignation presents an opportunity to poison him. Vincent does a fine job of moving the bull’s-eye from Castro to JFK, conjuring up the blood-lust resentment of mobster Sam Giancana, who delivered Chicago for the Kennedy campaign, only to be pursued even more fanatically by Robert Kennedy. Characterizations are generally superficial, with Dante realistically amoral rather than heroic, but the author makes intriguing use of historical characters, including E. Howard Hunt, CIA operative turned Watergate burglar.

Thrillers thrive on a conspiracy burning away like a fuse on a bomb. With this novel, Vincent strikes a fictional match and explodes the supposed cover-ups, machinations and disinformation surrounding the Kennedy assassination." --Kirkus

"THE CAMELOT CONSPIRACY, Vincent's fourth novel, is a riveting thriller that weaves historical people and events from the 1960s with a fast-paced fictional story. It's a fascinating time period that encompasses Castro overtaking Cuba, the first Irish-Catholic President, the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Throw in the mob, and the action heats up.... THE CAMELOT CONSPIRACY makes me feel like a fly on the wall, listening in on the back-door politics behind the plots to kill Castro and President Kennedy. I never tire of stories about the Kennedys, the mob and the dark side of politics. If you're looking for a spellbinding thriller, this is an excellent choice." --BookReporter.com

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