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Fermented Man

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The Fermented Man

Derek Dellinger

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ISBN 13: 978-1-4683-0901-0
Trim Size: 5.4 x 8


Product Description

Fermentation is all the rage in health and fitness circles, but can a person live for one year on nothing but fermented foods? One brave homebrewer tries to find out.

On January 1, 2014, homebrewer and writer Derek Dellinger began a journey that would change nearly everything he thought he knew about fermented food and beverage—and as a beer expert, he knew a lot. For an entire year, Dellinger would eat or drink only products that had been created by microbes. Exploring the vast world of fermentation, Dellinger became the living embodiment of its cultural and nutritional power—he became the Fermented Man.

In this entertaining and informative narrative, Dellinger catalogs his year spent on this unorthodox diet, revealing insights about the science of fermentation, as well as its cultural history, culinary value, and nutritional impact along the way. He goes beyond yogurt and sauerkraut to show us how fermentation occurs in a wide range of foods we might never have expected, and is at the root of many unique delicacies around the world. From foraging for living bacteria in the modern American grocery store, to sampling mucousy green Century Eggs in Chinatown, to an epic winter quest to Iceland for rotten shark meat, Dellinger investigates a realm of forgotten foods that is endlessly complex and surprisingly flavorful. And despite our collective aversion to bacteria, Dellinger’s experience and research reveals that it is these same microbes that may hold the key to our health and diets.

With bonus recipes for readers who are eager to get off the page and into the kitchen, The Fermented Man is an adventure story, culinary history, and science project all in one.

Praise for The Fermented Man

“In this tell-all food memoir, Dellinger recounts the highs and lows of the experiment, delves into the science and history of fermentation, and examines its culinary value and nutritional impact. With an engaging writing style and keen sense of humor, he jumps into Michael Pollan food territory with a Hemingwayesque sense of personal adventure” - Chronogram

“Dellinger brings his bubbling ferments to the page, helping to propel American food culture into a more delightful and nutritious future. Through his eyes and gut we get a unique invitation to taste a surprising array of foods as alive as our own bodies. Do not be disconcerted. Let this delicious state of affairs expand your mind—and what you eat.” - David Montgomery and Anne Biklé, authors of The Hidden Half of Nature

“Do not think that Derek Dellinger's fifty-two weeks eating only fermented food translated into a year of deprivation, a year of sauerkraut and yogurt; cheese, pastrami, salami, corned beef, prosciutto, gravlaks, sourdough bread, cultured butter, and of course beer, wine, and kombucha are all fermented foods, so his task was fun, doable—and healthy! And since true fermented foods are mostly produced by artisans, the move back to healthy food and interesting flavors will naturally favor small local production over factory-produced food-like substances. A very enjoyable read for those on the real food journey.” - Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation

“Derek Dellinger has crafted a personal tale that is much in keeping with what we are as humans. Fermented foods and beverages have been fundamental to the human condition since we first appeared in the Paleolithic period on the planet, and have much to do with what we are today, physically and culturally.” - Patrick E. McGovern, author of Uncorking the Past and Ancient Wine

“Dellinger ably explains the wide range of fermented foods, the role flavor plays, health benefits, and the basic processes, and he includes a few recipes. The author hopes his intriguing experiments will open eyes and palates to the culinary and health benefits of fermented foods.” - Kirkus

Derek Dellinger is a writer, brewer, and fermentation enthusiast based in the Hudson Valley. He is the brewmaster at Kent Falls Brewing Company, the first farmhouse brewery in the state of Connecticut (and undoubtedly the only brewery in the area spontaneously fermenting beers outside of a barn in an old milk chiller). Derek also writes about homebrewing, fermentation, food, and beer for a number of publications, including his blog, www.bear-flavored.com.

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