The Spirit Photographer - Varese - The Elliott Bay Book Co. - Seattle, WA

Edward Moody runs a booming business in Boston 1870 capturing the images of spirits in his portraits. Grieving widows and mothers visit his studio with breathless hopes of immortalizing, and so reuniting with, their deceased loved ones through his photographs.

When Moody persuades abolitionist Senator James B. Garrett and his wife to sit for a portrait that will capture their deceased son, however, he is shocked to find a different specter develop on the plate before his eyes. Instead of the staged image of the boy he was expecting, the negative depicts a beautiful young woman, who Moody recognizes as the daughter of an escaped slave he knew long ago. Is it possible that he truly caught her spirit, a real ghost? And, if so, what does she want?

Compelled to discover the apparition’s true meaning, Moody travels from Boston to the Louisiana bayous and finds himself embroiled in a dangerous bid to reconcile the past with the presentand perhaps save his soul. Exploring the darkest specter of American history in Southern Gothic style, THE SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHER conjures the Reconstruction era South, where fugitive hunters, voodoo healers, and other dangers threaten to upend Moody’s quest. The resulting debut promises to thrill readers as they unravel the dreadful mystery behind the spirit in the photograph.

Friday, 27 April, 2018
Starts at 07:00 PM



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1521 Tenth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
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Phone: (206) 624-6600
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