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The Merger:

Jeffrey Robinson

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ISBN 13: 978-1-58567-030-7
Trim Size: 6x9

Product Description

"Jeffrey Robinson extracts a lesson from this nefarious free-for-all: until the lawful world revises its outdated notions of national policing, 'the twenty-first century will belong to transnational criminals.'" William Cohen, The New Yorker

A shocking true account of a global crime network of unimaginable proportions, in which multinational criminals make alliances much like legitimate businesses, The Merger lays bare the criminal fraternity's new world order. International crime expert and best-selling author Jeffrey Robinson gives details of their subterranean activities previously known only to international law enforcement insiders. Robinson makes this network public, tracing an intricate network of connections between such infamous organized crime rings as the Sicilian Mafiosi, the Camorra from Naples, the Ndrangheta from Calabria, the Chinese Triads, the Russian, Hungarian, and Czech Republic "maffiyas," and organized crime groups from Columbia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Vietnam-to name just a few.

Through his meticulous research, Jeffrey Robinson developed contacts in police organizations all over the world and has pinpointed the factors that have led to the emergence of these worldwide crime cartels. Written with a keen sense of anecdote and an authoritative command of the facts, The Merger is a tautly paced tale that both educates and entertains.

"Robinson is highly readable and entertaining [he] will leave readers wondering just what we can do about the situation, which is what he intends all along." Robert D. Paar, The Boston Globe

"The Merger crushes all crime novels before because it's written with unflinching truth and conviction." Vibe Magazine

Jeffrey Robinson is the international best-selling author of eighteen books, including the acknowledged leading work on the subject of money laundering, The Laundrymen. An expert on international crime, he has been a keynote speaker on the subject for the United Nations, Interpol, U. S. Customs, the FBI and many other organizations. He appeared on Fox News, Bloomberg News, and MSNBC to discuss his findings from The Merger.

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