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The 8:55 to Baghdad (Paperback)
Recreating the romance and adventure of the old-fashioned train journey, journalist Andrew Eames follows Agatha Christie's ride on the Orient Express. Learn More

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A Dog's History of America
In A Dog's History of America, Derr weaves a remarkable tapestry of heroism, betrayal, tragedy, kindness, abuse, and unique companionship. The result is an enlightening perspective on American history through the eyes of humanity's best friend. Learn More

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A Question of Identity
The murder of an old woman rocks the town of Lafferton. The murderer has left a distinctive "sign" on the body and at the scene of the crime.Simon Serrailler is obliged to delve deeper and scratch out answers in this addictive mystery of surpassing darkness by the bestselling Susan Hill. Learn More

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A Rough Ride to the Future
The bestselling author of The Revenge of Gaia and the great scientific visionary of our age presents a radical vision of humanity's future.

Now in his 95th year, James Lovelock has been hailed as “the man who conceived the first wholly new way of looking at life on earth since Charles Darwin” (Independent) and “the most profound scientific thinker of our time” (Literary Review).

A Rough Ride to the Future introduces two new Lovelock­ian ideas. The first is that three hundred years ago, when Thomas Newcomen invented the steam engine, he was un­knowingly beginning what Lovelock calls “accelerated evolu­tion,” a process that is bringing about change on our planet roughly a million times faster than Darwinian evolution. The second is that as part of this process, humanity has the capacity to become the intelligent part of Gaia, the self-regulating earth system whose discovery Lovelock first an­nounced nearly fifty years ago.

A Rough Ride to the Future is also an intellectual autobiography, in which Lovelock reflects on his life as a lone scientist, and asks—eloquently—whether his career trajec­tory is possible in an age of increased bureaucratization.

We are now changing the atmosphere again, and Lovelock argues that there is little that can be done about this. But instead of feeling guilty, we should recognize what is happening, prepare for change, and ensure that we survive as a species so we can contribute to—perhaps even guide—the next evolution of Gaia. The road will be rough, but if we are smart enough, life will continue on earth in some form far into the future.

Praise for A Rough Ride to the Future:

"Arresting and disturbing . . . Lovelock writes wonderfully well. With the authority of age, his voice is that of an elder statesman . . . The result is mellifluous and fluent." -Nature

"Though the subject matter could scarcely be more discouraging, Lovelock's fluent prose... make it a surprisingly easy read... His writing has enormous warmth and vitality." -Financial Times

"In this way, Lovelock's book becomes not simply another look at Mother Nature's uncertain future, but a revealing glimpse at the life of an outspoken and accomplished man of ideas" -Publishers Weekly

James Lovelock is the originator of the Gaia Hypothesis (now Gaia Theory), on which he has written several books, including The Revenge of Gaia and The Vanishing Face of Gaia. He has been a fellow of the Royal Society since 1974, and he has been an honorary visiting fellow of Green College, University of Oxford since 1994. In 2003 he was made a Companion of Honour by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Learn More

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A Whispered Name: A Father Anselm Thriller
Father Anselm investigates the atrocities of war in this gripping mystery, proving that no one can truly escape the darkness of their past. Learn More

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A Whispered Name: A Father Anselm Thriller
Father Anselm investigates the atrocities of war in this gripping mystery, proving that no one can truly escape the darkness of his past. Learn More

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Abba Eban
The definitive biography of Abba Eban, an Israeli diplomat often revered by every nation except the one he represented. The book draws from a wide range of primary sources to create a complex portrait of a man who left an indelible mark on the quest for peace in the Middle East.

A skilled debater, a master of language, and a passionate defender of Israel, Abba Eban’s diplomatic presence was in many ways a contradiction unlike any the world has seen since. While he was celebrated internationally for his exceptional wit and his moderate, reasoned worldview, these same qualities painted him as elitist and foreign in his home country. The disparity in perception of Eban at home and abroad was such that both his critics and his friends agreed that he would have been a wonderful prime minister―in any country but Israel. In Abba Eban, Asaf Siniver paints a nuanced and complete portrait of one of the most complex figures in twentieth-century foreign affairs. We see Eban growing up and coming into his own as part of the Cambridge Union, and watch him steadily become known as “The Voice of Israel.” Siniver draws on a vast amount of interviews, writings, and other newly available material to show that, in his unceasing quest for stability and peace for Israel, Eban’s primary opposition often came from the homeland he was fighting for; no matter how many allies he gained abroad, the man never understood his own domestic politics well enough to be as effective in his pursuits as he hoped. The first examination of Eban in nearly forty years, Abba Eban is a fascinating look at a life that still offers a valuable perspective on Israel even today.

Praise for Abba Eban:

“In this engrossing, impressively researched biography, Siniver traces the career of a statesman acclaimed more outside of his country than within. Based on interviews with dozens of people and research in more than 20 archival collections, Siniver's sympathetic, cleareyed biography deserves to be called definitive.” (Kirkus (Starred Review))

“This rigorous and long-overdue examination of Abba Eban as the voice of Israel during the critical first decades of the Jewish state proves the adage that there are no second acts in politics. Asaf Siniver, in a highly readable and thoroughly researched biography, grasps the essential contradictions in Israeli society by showing how Eban failed to bridge the humanistic principles of Jewish life... Siniver's realistic but also sympathetic portrait radiates the wit, brilliance, and vanities of Eban.” (Patrick Tyler, author of Fortress Israel and former Chief Correspondent of The New York Times)

“Siniver offers a fascinating observation of a unique statesman that stood next to cradle of the state of Israel. Eban's  biography is one of the best stories of one of the 20th century's greatest miracles and enigmas.” (Akiva Eldar, CEO, Israel Conference on Peace)

“An elegant and thoughtful biography of the political contradictions that drove Abba Eban... An invaluable primer for those seeking to understand politics within Israel.” (Janice Gross Stein, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto)

“This penetrating look at one of Israel's most paradoxical figures should be read by anyone interested in the state's emergence and early history.  As Siniver persuasively demonstrates, Eban's career and Israel's diplomatic history are so intertwined that this incisive biography of Eban is inevitably also a compelling portrait of that history.  The analysis also convincingly shows how very qualities that underlay Eban's international luminescence were those that undermined his domestic image and standing.  This is beyond question the definitive work on Eban, and is likely to remain so for a very long time.” (Dr. Alan Dowty, Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame)

“Abba Eban, once heralded as the “Voice of Israel” and widely praised as one of greatest diplomats of the twentieth century, has quickly become a forgotten figure. Asaf Siniver provides a fascinating portrayal of Eban’s life and reminds us of his unique contribution to Israeli diplomacy. Essential reading for anyone interested in Israeli foreign policy, especially during Israel’s formative years” (Joel Peters, School of Public International Affairs, Virginia Tech)

Asaf Siniver, PhD, is Associate Professor in International Security in the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham. In his research, he focuses on the international relations of the Arab-Israeli conflict, contemporary US foreign policy, and third-party conflict resolution on the international stage. Learn More

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About Books
An impassioned defense of books from five leading publishers. Learn More

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Absolutely Now!
A spiritual journey from the woman who inspired Absolutely Fabulous. Learn More

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The Accidental Agent
The spellbinding conclusion to the Jimmy Nessheim trilogy, by the author of Fear Itself. Learn More

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